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Street Fashion Week is simplifying the buying process for retail buyers and Analyst.

Fashion week is such a whirlwind for retail buyers and analyst. They are invited to so many shows that it feels impossible to pinpoint how buyers decide what shows to go to.

Streetwear Bringing Steady Growth to Global Luxury Market.

MILAN, Italy — High-end streetwear helped boost global sales of luxury personal goods by 5 percent this year to an estimated €263 billion ($309 billion)

This Streetwear Brand Comes From a Secret Siberian City That Made Nuclear Warheads.

MAD FRENZY is not your typical streetwear brand. Leading the label is Vadim Neumeikov, and unlike anyone else you probably know, Vadim comes from one of Russia’s infamous “forbidden cities.


STREET FASHION WEEK is the global initiative that’s here to support and elevate creatives within the fashion, wearable technology, and music space. We are a global platform for innovation, made possible through collaboration and community.


Moving fashion forward, SFW is proud to partner with apps such as Reveel to make onsite ordering easy for buyers. RIght after viewing an item on the runway, buyers will be able to order complete collections of upcoming seasons from major fashion designers and national brands on the runway directly from their smartphones.


SFW bridges fashion-forward runway shows and informative panels with state-of-the-art tools for publishers to create, capture and distribute content during the conference.


SFW is the only presentation that captures the essence of the culture and passion surrounding 'street' fashion, while creating a platform for streetwear designers to comfortably explore their craft and present to an audience of fashion aficionados while building stronger relationships with Apparel buyers and streetwear retailers.

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FEBRUARY 15, 2018

The most anticipated fashion platform for the streets during New York and LA fashion Week.


+Join the roster or NY and LA’s elite designers as they showcase on our interactive platforms, innovative panel sessions moderated by industry leaders and provocative and engaging interviews.

Ex-Mermaid at Street Fashion Week


+SFW is a bi-annual production held in accordance with the global fashion calendar that seeks to propel and reinvigorate the conversation about emerging designer talent in a field commonly known as 'urban' or 'street' fashion by industry insiders and newcomers alike.


+Street Fashion Week is a unique opportunity for designers to connect with members of the press, build stronger relationships with wholesale buyers and engage consumers.


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