Street Fashion Week Published press in Italian Vogue

Ex-Mermaid at Street Fashion Week

Street Fashion Week and Ex-Mermaid brand have been a collaborative duo for the past two New York Fashion Week seasons. Designer Francki Nichols brings something special to the occasion each time. These new designers, designers such as Francki of Ex-mermaid are drowned out by the mega spending budget of big business.

IT is important that platforms such as Stret Fashion Week exist to offer some hope to designers who are great at what they do but don’t always have a large budget  to display their collections. So many times we are celebrating the victories of entrepreneurship and getting soundbites of success stories but not enough people are talking about the hard times

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Street Fashion Week: Runway Presentation for Luxury Streetwear brands

Ex-Mermaid at Street Fashion Week

Street Fashion Week is a production created to give high-end luxury streetwear brands a platform to showcase directly to buyers, press, and other fashion industry tastemakers. The Streetwear industry is estimated at 60 billion dollars a year. It all started out with some young hustlers selling t-shirts, but is now moving in the direction of full blown collections. We aim to service these brands by bridging the gap between street hustlers and the corporate decision makers of the fashion industry.

LA fashion/lifestyle is a unique influencer of global trends; streetwear is a major factor of that culture. Even with the Streetwear brands doing such high numbers in sales and influence; it is a segment of the fashion industry that has not been fully embraced by mainstream fashion decision makers. They accept the influence of Streetfashion on a pop culture level but yet are unwilling to fully credit these innovators as major contributors of the global fashion scene.


Street Fashion Week is proud to offer these designers a voice during global fashion week seasons.