Plugged NYC Is Bringing Back Cargo Season

When it comes to living in NYC, dressing to impress is not an option. You open the door, walk outside and boom, you are exposed to the judgment-filled masses. And while always rooted in slick yet still cute looks, city style is never static. Like a shark, one must always swim forward and updates are a must. One look we’ve observed that is winding it’s way back into the city fashion mix is the cargo pant.

For cargos that embody street chic, Plugged NYC is definitely the move. Locally made and designed by Tizita Balemlay, the label is designed for women who who like to stay out front of the pack and make a statement.

Plugged NYC’s cargo pants currently are available in three different shades of camo: orange, blue, pink and grey, along with coordinated tops. Yes, it’s now a bit chilly for a crop top, but hell, they can still work for a night out; just pop a fur over them, dragging on the floor and mink if possible 🙂

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