Street Fashion Week Published press in Italian Vogue

Ex-Mermaid at Street Fashion Week

Street Fashion Week and Ex-Mermaid brand have been a collaborative duo for the past two New York Fashion Week seasons. Designer Francki Nichols brings something special to the occasion each time. These new designers, designers such as Francki of Ex-mermaid are drowned out by the mega spending budget of big business.

IT is important that platforms such as Stret Fashion Week exist to offer some hope to designers who are great at what they do but don’t always have a large budget  to display their collections. So many times we are celebrating the victories of entrepreneurship and getting soundbites of success stories but not enough people are talking about the hard times

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Elegant venue, delicious food, and fashionable people… I mean what more could you possibly ask for at the Chic LA Brunch Party held at the ravishing Philippe Chow restaurant in Beverly Hills?

Everyone knew that the LA Brunch Party would be such a success that tickets were sold out within the first week of the event being announced, people both local and international were in attendance to experience the wondrous event.

Special guest such as Entertainment Correspondent Zena Foster, Rapper T.I and VH1 star Diamond Strawberry all came to celebrate and support the brunch party that featured celebrity make-up artist Natalie Aguirre and styling duo Norris and Thrash.

The venue was flooded with artistic and passionate people such as musicians, singer/songwriters, dancers, models etc. staying from the time the doors opened, till it unfortunately had to close.

From the Q&A session, Editor in Chief, Nickii Jean asked, how they balance their personal and professional life, Natalie Aguirre said, “My work life is my personal life, this is all personal to me. Although it is work, I am my brand. I live, eat, sleep make-up.” Shortly after Norris Ford said, “Its all about time management and what we do, because we are so engulfed into our style and working as wardrobe stylist and being style influenced, it is something that you don’t turn off.”

Responses like this not only provided their audience with valuable and insightful information, but it also proved that they put quality time into their craft and set high standards for themselves in order to keep and produce more cliental.

Chic LA Brunch Party constantly exceeds expectation, and everyone is looking forward to the next brunch party. It is no surprise that May 31st was undeniably a memorable event that the town is still raving about.

-Covered by: Irene Kirkland